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Rules-2v2 TDM


You have to register here to sign-in for the tourney. This is needed because you have to post the results here later!
You will see a "Sign up" button at the top of the page.
You have to create a team at first!
1. Log in
2. Click "My Profile"
3. "Create team"
4. Choose a "Name", "Country" and "Contact".
5. SET A JOINPASSWORD! Or anyone can join your team.
6. Share the url of your team with the guy you want to play with (and give him the joinpassword) so he can join.
7. Click the "Sign in" button (at the top next to your login)

Main information
-Date: Sunday, 29th March 2012, 17:00 CEST (Check in: 16:00 CEST)
-Gamemode: Team Deathmatch - XPM
-Timelimit: 20
-Fraglimit: 0
-Group Stage + Single Elimination
-Admins: asyyy, Mirio
-Record demos (!! Admins might want to see them)
-Contact admins in IRC at #bot.xonotic, #exile.xonotic.1v1 or #xonotic.pickup
  • : . eXiLe 1on1/TDM Server (XPM) ^eX . (Public, EU/Germany, 32 slots)
  • : . Xonotic QuickCup 2v2 TDM #1 (XPM) ^eX . (Public, EU/Germany, 8 slots)
  • : . Xonotic QuickCup 2v2 TDM #2 (XPM) ^eX . (Public, EU/Germany, 8 slots)
  • : . Xonotic QuickCup 2v2 TDM #3 (XPM) ^eX . (Public, EU/Germany, 8 slots)

This cup will be played on 1 day(/evening)!!
If you don't show up in time you will lose of course.
Every match before the Semi-finals will be Bo1.
No double elimination - you're out if you lose.
The Semi-finals will be Bo3 and the Final Bo5.

Draws are not possible, which means that overtime will be enabled (2 minutes).

How-to choose a map:

Bo1: Both participants alternately eliminate one map until only one map is left (A-B-A-B-A-B). The remaining map will be played.

Bo3: pick-pick-drop-drop

The player winning cointoss (vcall cointoss) may decide who drops/picks first. Whoever drops/picks first also plays his map first.
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