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Duel Tourney finished! written by Mirio, 2012-02-21 03:48 CET (1 comments)

PCLizard and fisume finally played the Grand final on Sunday and fisume managed to win 3:1 in maps after a great fight!

Congrats to fisume!

Rumors say there will be some kind of Duel Cup around the 0.6 release - Stay tuned! ;)

Nexball 2v2 starts! written by Mirio, 2012-02-10 00:18 CET (1 comments)

The first Nexball tourney starts with following matches!

1st Round
until: 19.02.2012

{dear}Clan-1 vs. HaL0wL
WTWRP vs. [BOT]-2
Deathmatchers vs. pV coco isle
{dear}Clan-2 vs. bukkake

LB Round 6 + Grand Final! written by Mirio, 2012-01-23 23:29 CET (1 comments)

PCLizard managed to win the WB Final after a great fight vs L0.
That means that PCLizard advances to the Grand final while L0 has to battle fisume to get into it.
The Grand final will be played Best of 5!

Loser brackets - Round 6
Date: until 29.01.2012

L0 vs. fisume

Grand final

PCLizard vs. fisume
4 - 6 of 13
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