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Nexball 2v2 written by Mirio, 2012-01-13 00:49 CET (0 comments)

New Tourney!! Sign-in opened now!
Check "Rules-2v2 Nexball" for more information

LB Brackets+ WB Final! written by Mirio, 2011-12-28 21:42 CET (1 comments)

I changed the dates to later times, due to vacation.

Loser brackets - Round 4
Date: until 15.01.2012

Mirio vs. morfar
fisume vs. unozzz.

Loser brackets - Round 5
Date: until 22.01.2012

morfar vs. fisume

Winner brackets - Final
Date: until 22.01.2012

L0 vs. PCLizard

Brackets-WB Semi+LB 2&3 written by Mirio, 2011-12-04 23:19 CET (0 comments)

New server, new IP!
But it's still public and got the same server name.

Loser brackets - Round 2
Date: until 11.12.2011

Sless vs. Grunt
morfar vs. kuniuthefrogg
unozzz. vs. lda17h
waterlaz vs. asyyy

Loser brackets - Round 3
Date: until 28.12.2011

Sless vs. morfar
unozzz. vs. waterlaz

Winner brackets - Semi final
Date: until 28.12.2011

L0 vs. Mirio
PCLizard vs. fisume
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